Friday, February 25, 2011

My Return

I took the last almost nine months off both to focus on other things in my life and watch the world around me as it continued its pattern of deterioration validating many of my past posting and research.  Since my last post the following has happened:

*Silver was around $18/oz. and now hovers around $33/oz. - That is an astounding 83% increase in less than a year
*Gold was just over $1250/oz. and is now over $1400/oz. - That is an increase of 12% in less than a year
*Our government printed almost $1 trillion out of thin air with QE2 or Quantitative Easing Round 2 which was nothing more than yet another bailout - Source
*Home values continued their downward trend from 12/09 through 12/10 falling an additional 2.4% -  Source
*Countries around the world are calling to get rid of the U.S. Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency - Source
*The rate of inflation is up 2.7% since 2009 meaning your dollar gets you less. - Source
*Over the past year fuel prices are up 13.4% - Source
*Consumer pricing for goods was up almost one half of a percent in January 2011 with two thirds of that being food and energy.  Since my last post in June consumer pricing on goods we purchase is up a total of 1.9%.  Can you feel that at the grocery store?  I can.  These are government numbers so I am sure they are way off and most likely way too low. - Source
*The U.S. Unemployment rate that is being reported is supposedly at 9.0%.  With so many numbers, charts, equations and overall BS, getting the real number of unemployed Americans is virtually impossible but I can guarantee it is nowhere near 9%.  The official U.S. number doesn't include underemployed or people who have simply given up looking for lack of available jobs.  They use the new and continuing unemployment claims as part of the equation to figure out the unemployment rate.  What about those who have used all their benefits?  How are they being counted?
*The number of Americans on food stamps in June of 2010 was 40.2 million.  As of this writing there are now 43.2 million American citizens on food stamps according to government numbers.  That means approx. 14% of our population is on food stamps and a 7.5% increase in less than a year of people struggling to eat. - Source
*In less than a month the U.S. Government will be faced with the option to raise the U.S. national debt ceiling.  How interesting.  I am almost 100% positive that our powers that be will raise this ceiling which will draw us even further into the black hole that is our debt.  We borrow more to spend more with absolutely no way to meet our current liabilities.  What happens if we reach the debt ceiling?  "We can't borrow any more money to pay for our obligations. You move to a pure cash flow budget. We can only pay with bills that come in -- payroll taxes, income withholding, that kind of thing. But that's not enough money."  The sad thing is, because of the way our government blows through money, there will be no choice for them to drag our country deeper into debt to fund all of the $738 billion dollars in liabilities we have and that is just through the rest of 2011.  What about 2012 and beyond.  It is unimaginable that we can continue on this road....default on our debts is unavoidable.  Not if but when.

These are only a small % of what is going on in our country.  As a majority of the population are dumbed down by Jersey Shore, American Idol, and all the other reality TV out there, they continue to lose site of true reality.  The reality that our country is rotting from the inside out.  That never in the history of our country have things been in more dire straights.  An example of where peoples minds really are and how delusional our society really is?  How about Ft. Worth spending $4.5 million in preparation for the 2011 Super Bowl.  The largest budget for Super Bowl preparation in the history of the game.  How about a fly over at the Super Bowl that cost American tax payers $450,000.  These two examples are only a very small % of the overall costs associated with putting on the Super Bowl that a city, state and government must absorb for the festivities.  All this while American citizens across the country can't feed themselves, are living in tent cities, are losing their homes and jobs in record numbers, states governments go bankrupt and can't fund the pensions owed to so many Americans that have spent their lives working for, and most importantly as our country goes bankrupt.

Enough said!


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