Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look Into the Crystal Ball.....USA = The Roman Empire

This is an awesome read.  If you have the time read it start to finish.  I don't agree with everything but I do agree with a majority.  We are in real trouble with no real solution in sight!

America Following the Same Pattern as Rome

Daily Bell: How about America? How are America's finances?

Doug Casey: The era of one trillion dollar plus annual deficits is definitely here. And those are just the official deficits, which are going to be running a trillion or a trillion and a half dollars per year for the indefinite future. And on top of that you've got $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities of Social Security, the Medicare, the Medicaid. In a few years, you are going to have Obama-care, which is going to make the problem considerably worse. Then add on the probable federal bailouts of numerous bankrupt states like New York and California. And then hundreds of billions more for the FDIC, which is also totally bankrupt. Just like Fannie and Freddie. Then the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp., will be hundreds of billions more – that hasn't hit the front pages yet.

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