Monday, May 10, 2010

Freedom is Eroding Day By Day...Case in Point

In Texas a third grader gets a week of in school suspension for possessing a piece of Jolly Rancher candy.  Not a bag but one piece.  What really troubles me about this in not so much the punishment that was handed out as extreme and asinine as it was, it is the fact that there is a state law banning minimal nutrition foods such as candy.  This nanny government is trying to tell us what we can and can't eat as human beings and if we don't follow their rules, we will be punished.  Where does it end and what are the limits?  The law states that the school district will not control what parents choose to send their kids to school with but unfortunately for this young girl the candy was given by a friend.  Yeah, show me a 9 year old who would turn down a Jolly Rancher and who the hell punishes a child with this kind of punishment for such a minimal offense.  What gives any state or our federal government the right to dictate what we choose to eat.  However indirectly or minor, this is more of the same....the eroding of our freedoms as a people and a country. 

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