Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boo Hoo....Spanking Your Children is Now Wrong!

I remember when growing up that I was in trouble a lot.  I mean a lot.  It seemed I was forever getting my ass spanked for something.  My parents were true believers in "Spare the rod, spoil the child".  Even though I had a childhood full of mischief and getting in trouble, I would never think to change my upbringing because I feel that I have grown to be a responsible and well adjusted adult and for that I thank my parents.  I would never trade my spankings and corporal punishment for time outs and mental games.  Today's children have zero respect for authority nor do they care who they hurt or when they do it.  I am sure some of that can be contributed to more divorce and single parent homes but something has to be said for whipping your kids.  Parents aren't allowed to do it anymore, schools quit paddling children for fear of the parents, etc.  In my day, it didn't matter if we were out in public or in private, if I needed a smack, my mother obliged and didn't care who witnessed it.  Today if you do that, you can expect the police to be called by some whiney ass liberals who happen to see you do it.  Next thing you know you will have CPS at your door trying to determine if you beat your kids.  I dare someone to tell me how to raise my kids....civilian, law enforcement or government agency....they would be met with their own smack and it would escalate from there.  No one should be afraid of raising their children how they see fit as long as there is no neglect, mental or physical abuse. I wish more people would smack the shit out of their kids in public because quite honestly I am sick of hearing the screaming or seeing the misbehaved kids because their parents don't have a grip how to handle them.  There have actually been times that I have thought about smacking the parent because it is ultimately their fault anyway.  Their liberal failure to spank their kids when they need it only serves to ruin my meal or family outing when they are around....thanks, I will pass on that.  Consider yourself lucky I don't spank your kid myself numb nuts.

If you ask any of my 6 kids what would happen if they make a scene in public and the answer would be unanimous.  There would be a visit to the bathroom of whatever establishment we happen to be visiting.  Once there, the discipline would commence however I see fit.  Now don't get me wrong, I in no way beat my children but I do let them know that there are consequences to their actions.....and no it isn't time out.  I love all my kids who range from as young as 2 to as old as 17 and that is the reason I light them up when needed.  All of my children are well adjusted, respectful, get decent to great grades, do not get in trouble in school, do not do drugs, do not smoke, have not been sexually active and are overall very good kids.  I would wonder how many of those parent who use timeout could say the same.  None of them are overly aggressive towards anyone.....why....because they got whipped and they feared that and continued to do so as they got older.  Don't get me wrong, whipping your children with out the proper love and compassion shown directly afterwords is not what is effective but if you whip your child and follow that with the positive attention and explanation of why, they will learn to understand and will respect you more in the future as they grow up.

How about these scientists and all the study's that say whipping your kids makes them more aggressive?  Are you serious?  They say you should put your child in time out and let them reflect on what they have done so that they can understand that it was wrong.  Supposedly you can do this as young as 1 to 2 years old.  I also wonder how many of these geniuses have a 1 or 2 year old running around and understand the attention span they possess or that any 1 or 2 year old does not completely understand right from wrong yet.  How can you have them sit and reflect on what they have done....the sitting will last 30 seconds tops and the reflecting will be on when they will get their next cookie or what toy they can grab.  What a bunch of morons these people are!!  If they took the time to actually study what society has now become because people fail to discipline (spank) their children without positive reinforcement and love or they use timeout techniques, they would clearly see the error of their ways and that all their liberal BS they preach is rediculously flawed and outright wrong.  Don't we have enough screwed up kids.....my advice, and I DO speak from experience, whip your kids when they need it but also back it up with positive and loving reinforcement.  Don't buy into this BS timeout crap or ANY new age child rearing technique....it is flaky, doesn't work and is full of politics and errors.  Bobby and Cindy will respect you more in the future because you were firm and loving at the same time. 

Read Why You Shouldn't Spank your Kids HERE    - Complete BS if I have ever seen it!


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