Monday, March 15, 2010

What Freedom?

At what point do we draw a line at just how much freedom or liberty we as a people are willing to sacrifice in the name and sake of safety.  Fear mongering has become such a problem that the mainstream media would have us think that there is pretty much nothing that is safe in the world today.  We need to be monitored 24/7 for our own good.  Our internet activity needs to be kept track of to determine if we are terrorists.  The government choosing how we get health care.  How to protect our homes and families.  How we discipline and raise our children.  Whether we take the government issued flu shot.  We need to be seen completely naked to fly in a plane.  Whether we can text or talk on the cell phone while we drive.  Listening to phone calls and reading emails without a warrant.  Illegal search and seizure.  Does all this make YOU feel safer?? 

There have always been crazies in the is a given.  I for one am not willing to give up my God given rights at the behest of the government just to make sure I am safe.  It is my responsibility to insure my safety, not the governments.  It is my right to carry a gun, to protect my home, to spend my money as I see fit, to not have the government indoctrinate my children in their schools with their views/beliefs, to raise and discipline my children as I see fit without some outside party telling me I am wrong or right, to question the "official" story when things don't add up (9/11), etc.  The government has no justification or right to encroach on my rights under the guise of trying to protect me as if I am not mature or adult enough to watch out for myself.  If something is going to happen, it is going to happen and there really isn't much I or the government is going to do about it.  We could live in a bubble....or we could live our lives to the fullest enjoying every single day like it was our last because we are never promised tomorrow.  Don't get me wrong, I would never recommend living foolishly to tempt fate but I am also not going to stay in my house while listening to the government tell me about all the things that can hurt me.

Included with this post is an article describing 20 signs that the U.S.A is becoming a Big Brother nation.  It is scary to think that our rights and freedoms are being reduced more and more and most of the population doesn't even recognize it or just blindly accepts it as a fact of life to keep us safe.  These are 20 signs that are blatantly forced upon us and leave us with little recourse or option to do anything about it.  I have a problem with a government who thinks they know whats better for me than I do.....Viva La Revolucion!!

20 Signs the United States is Rapidly Becoming a Totalitarian Big Brother Police State


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