Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Opinions on Our New Health Care Plan

He did it.  Congratulations.  Yet another step towards a socialized country.  Some will say that reform was needed.  I for one do not disagree that health costs are way too high but I will say that this plan is not beneficial for our country and will surely increase the speed at which we as a nation are moving towards bankruptcy?  How about at the cost of even more freedom?  What if I choose not to carry insurance because I have never needed it?  That is my choice and right correct?  What if I am 19 years old and I cannot afford to carry my own insurance?  Well with this new plan, that right, choice or option no longer exists.  You can choose not to carry insurance but you will pay dearly for it.  How about 2% of your income.  Not much to those who have it but what about those who don't?

Now there will be those sheep who defend their leaders and their government and who will remain perfectly content with our welfare society as they live in excess or are too concerned about what is on TV to take notice, but what they fail to notice is how quickly our nation is diminishing.  Some sheep will sit by as death and imprisonment for dissension become the norm.  The transition from our laborer society to our current totalitarian welfare society has been quick but still slow enough to remain under the radar for most of the populace.  As more people grow accustomed to the hand outs from our government rather than working for something, it will continue to get worse.  This health care plan is more of the same with all it's subsidies and tax the rich to give to the poor.  I am not rich....not even close.  I may be considered barely middle class but one thing I cannot stand are those people who sit and do nothing expecting it all to be handed to them instead of working for what they want and need.  Why should those people who worked hard to get to a position where they are considered "rich" be responsible for the unmotivated leeches of our country?  Don't get me wrong, there are those who do need help, I have been there, but the majority of those who seek assistance are nothing more than a drain on natural resources and people who refuse to do for themselves while those that have do for them.  I say survival of the fittest and though that may sound coarse but when is enough enough?  When did the people of the USA forget that you cannot benefit from doing nothing.  Answer....when the people of the USA let the government decide for them.

As we continue to live in a world of excess, most have decided to exchange that money and excess for their rights and liberties.  When did material things or money and the fear of losing them make it OK for them to usurp our freedom of choice, our freedom of speech or our freedom to bear arms?  How about the freedom to decide if you want or can afford insurance?  I don't need Big Brother to tell me what I need, when I need it or who I need it from just like I don't need them to tell me when and where I can smoke, how to raise or discipline my kids, that I need to take a flu shot, whether I can text or talk on my phone in my car, etc.  Some may think that the freedom to choose whether I carry insurance or not is not affected by this plan but punishing me monetarily for choosing not to is control no matter how indirectly.


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