Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Federal Money for Abortion?

So instead of writing that "No federal money will be allowed to be spent on abortions" into the bill that was just signed by our fearless "leader" making it law, Obama decided to preform an Executive Order instead. Why? Here is why, as the USA becomes a more immoral country and the murder of innocent babies because they are seen as an inconvenience becomes more and more acceptable, the challenges to an Executive Order are much easier. It is easier to challenge an Executive Order in court than it is to challenge something that is written in to law. Rest assured that there will come a time when tax payer money will be spent on taking the lives of innocent babies because the parent(s) see them more as a chore or inconvenience rather than something that should be cherished. This Executive Order is more of the same smoke and mirrors that we are used to seeing come out of Washington from our elected officials. God help us all!


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